Let’s communicate,
collaborate and create

Starting as Picazo studios, a design-oriented company started in 2012, the company decided to expand its array of services to satisfy the demand in the market enabling it to then evolve to NRK digital media.

NRK Digital Media is a digital communications company composed of a team of young and talented specialists in the areas of design, web development, publishing, marketing,  multimedia and digital strategy.


The key to success

Our team values relationships with our clients with the goal of delivering satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Our strategy is to create synergy with our clients by listening to their mission, vision and passions to create visual and communication assets which will resonate with their audiences. This results to works that embody the character and capture the essence of our clients’ business.

Nestled in the busy urban sprawl of Manila, we aim to further our skills and knowledge in order to provide superb design, content and communication assets to customers and organizations across the world.

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+ Brand Dev. & Visual Comm.
+ Digital Strat. & Marketing
+ Digital Arts & Design
+ Media Production
+ UI / UX Design & Dev.
+ Environment Design
+ Customer Relations